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Not only protection. Explore various types of Wozinsky phone cases

Flexible, armored, with a ring or a stand - various types of phone cases appear on the market. Which one to choose? See our compilation of Wozinsky phone cases.

New smartphones appearing on store shelves are getting bigger and thinner at the same time. Fitting a 6.7-inch phone in a pocket is often a miracle, not to mention the fact that the basic protection in the form of a cover is simply insufficient.

How to protect your phone well? The easiest way is, of course, a professional case. However… which one to choose? What kinds of phone cases you will find in the Wozinsky brand? See our overview.

Types of phone cases: flexible

The basis of effective smartphone protection is a perfect fit. So if you want the case to be easy to put on the phone, and to fit perfectly with the edges, ports, speakers or buttons, choose a flexible case - shock-resistant and non-slip. In the Wozinsky brand, you can choose between a silicone phone case, a gel phone case or a hybrid phone case.

Let's start with silicone. Wozinsky Color Case was made of TPU plastic and silicone, which guarantees both rigidity and flexibility. Thanks to the combination of these materials, the Color Case can be tinted in any color. In the Wozinsky brand, you will find as many as seven vivid colors: black, green, blue, yellow, pink, white and red.

The second option is a reinforced gel - a case made of such material is Wozinsky Marble. Not only is the gel phone case extremely resistant to scratches and the effects of falls, but it also has an elegant look. Marble print is a very fashionable pattern, it will certainly attract attention.

The third type is a hybrid case. What does it mean? The cover consists of three elements: a stiffening base made of PC, a decorative inner layer and an outer cover made of flexible TPU. That's the Wozinsky Star Glitter, hybrid case with a layer of shiny glitter. It's an elegant, glossy case that slips easily over your phone.

Etui na telefon Wozinsky Star Glitter
Wozinsky Star Glitter phone case - with sparkling glitter

Maybe a case with a grip?

If you are looking for a phone case that will not only look good and protect the device, but also increase your comfort of using the device, put on a phone case with a grip. Such as Wozinsky Kickstand Case.

The foldable magnet stand has many functions. First of all, it ensures the convenience of using the phone - you do not have to worry that while lying on the couch, the phone will fall out of your hand. Secondly, it allows you to watch movies or play games hands-free. All you need to do is open the stand, set it on the table top and you can place the phone in a convenient position (vertical or horizontal). The smartphone will stand very steadily. Thirdly, the stand can also be used as a hook. It is a great idea to hang the phone, for example, on the handle of a kitchen cupboard while cooking at home.

Etui na telefon Wozinsky Kickstand Case - etui kolorowe, etui z uchwytem -
The Kickstand Case comes in many beautiful colors

You already have your favorite phone case, but are missing the features described above? Reach for Wozinsky Grip Stand. It is a self-adhesive holder for a phone case that you can attach to absolutely any case.

Alternatively: a case with a finger grip

A similar solution is a phone case with a ring. It is an accessory built into the case in the form of a larger ring that you can put on your finger to hold the phone more securely in your hand. Importantly, in contrast to the traditional holder, the ring also allows you to attach the phone to a magnetic car holder.

Etui na telefon Wozinsky Ring Armor - etui z uchwytem, etui z uchwytem na palec -

You will find such an add-on in the series Wozinsky Ring Armor. This armored phone case is extremely durable. It protects your phone against damage caused by e.g. falling onto a hard floor. The frame carefully covers the sides of the phone, absorbs the impact energy, protecting the cover, display and camera.

Durability above all - armored phone case

Do you like extreme sports and want your phone to be ready for crazy adventures? Bet on an armored phone case. It will provide the smartphone with even better protection against mechanical damage as a result of falls or shocks.

Armored case Wozinsky Anti Shock it is distinguished by greater durability than the classic cover. It has reinforced corners, has passed rigorous resistance tests (obtained the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 military certificate), is light and non-slip. Despite its unique properties, it will not affect the basic functionality of the phone. You can use the device freely.

Types of phone cases: cover for the entire smartphone

The factory phone cover is not able to completely protect the display - no matter how strong it is. So let's put on a cover that will cover all the sensitive parts of the phone: edges, glass-to-cover connections, ports and the screen itself. And note, you don't only have a choice of a flip case!

Wozinsky Full Magnetic Case is a series of metal cases "360 degrees" with a convenient magnetic closure. The case consists of two metal frames connected with each other by strong magnets and tempered glass, which is located on the front and back of the cover. Thanks to this structure, it protects the entire smartphone casing, and putting it on does not carry the risk of scratching it.

And if you're looking for a proven place to buy a phone case, go to A huge selection of various covers is waiting for you!

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