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Handlebar bicycle bags

Torby rowerowe na kierownicę Wozinsky - torba na kierownicę roweru WBB4BK -

Handlebar bike bags are a great way to carry handy items. They are compatible with many types of frames - suitable for city, mountain and road bikes. They are mounted with durable and strong velcro fasteners. Thanks to solid construction and moisture resistance you can use them in any conditions. As they are close to the rider, the panniers are easy to open and close.

The most important advantage of this model of bike panniers is the extra storage space for your most important small items and free access to your phone on the handlebars. All Wozinsky brand handlebar bike panniers have additional TPU foil phone case. They will accommodate not only your smartphone, but also your keys, cape, pocket knife, bike lock, small first aid kit, memory stick or money.

Precise stitching, reinforced zippers, elegant form - bicycle handlebar panniers are distinguished by refined details. Thanks to that bike handlebar pannier is stable, durable and will survive many bike trips. Additionally they are water, dirt and damage resistant, so you won't be afraid of any weather conditions. The panniers are also equipped with reflective stripes, thanks to which you will be visible even at night.

See what bicycle handlebar bags we prepared for you. They are an indispensable piece of equipment for every cyclist. Thanks to them you can store all sorts of items - from phone to map. Everything will be at hand!

Models of Wozinsky bicycle handlebar bags


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