Comfortable in the city, functional on the road

Bicycle backpacks 2in1 on trunk

Plecaki rowerowe na bagażnik Wozinsky - plecak kurierski Wozinsky WBB31BK - plecak na bagażnik -

This collection of bags combines two products in one: a roomy pannier with attachment and a backpack. Yes, they are bike backpacks on a carrier! We created this solution for people for whom bicycle is the main means of transport.

Rack bike backpacks are not only comfortable but also extremely functional. They have up to 30 liters of capacity, so you can pack anything you want. Clothes, tools, provisions, camera equipment, laptop? These bags will hold all your stuff. They have a modern, elegant look. They will be loved especially by urban cyclists, for whom functionality and interesting design counts.

Trunk bike backpacks have two adjustable, wide straps that will lie securely and comfortably on your back. Additionally they are made of waterproof and durable materials, thanks to which they will effectively protect their contents against rain or snow. Special buckles will allow you to fasten the backpack on the carrier in a few seconds. So you can take the bag with you whenever you need to. Comfortable handle, reliable buckle, easy to grip zippers - these are only some of its advantages!

Models of Wozinsky bicycle 2in1 backpacks


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