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Protect your phone from damage. Go on a comfortable bicycle trip. Train at home.

Wozinsky is waiting for your challenges! See what we have prepared for you.

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Etui na telefon iPhone 12 Wozinsky Kickstand Case - elastyczne etui iPhone 12 ciemnozielony -

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We have extremely popular bicycle bags, car holders, mobile and sports accessories that serve thousands of users in Europe.

Join thousands of users who have chosen Wozinsky accessories. Amazon, eBay, Media Markt or Decathlon are among those who trusted us already.

Etui na telefon pancerne Wozinsky Ring Armor - etui pancerne na telefon - pokrowiec pancerny -

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Do you have a GSM point, bicycle or sports shop? Gain access to Wozinsky accessories - register at You can place an order directly on the platform. Don't wait!

Bet on popular Wozinsky products and get attractive discounts for wholesalers.

Wozinsky focuses on...


Wozinsky products stand up to any challenge! They were made of strong materials.

Easy to use

We don't like to overcomplicate our lives. We make sure that the products are easy to use. Yes, they are!

Product quality

Each of our products has been carefully designed. Then we started testing. Mercilessly.


Maximum usability - that's it. None of the ideas for applying Wozinsky products will surprise us.

Clever solutions

Bet on passion, reliability and safety - the Wozinsky brand has been around for 10 years.


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