Car accessories

Go on a comfortable journey with Wozinsky products

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Do you commute to work by car? Or maybe you are planning a vacation behind the wheel? Make your car ride more enjoyable. Get to know the most interesting car accessories necessary for travel that will make this time pass comfortably and safely. Whatever direction you take!

Magnetic car holders will allow you to operate the phone with one hand. Gravitational grips will hold the smartphone firmly even on the most bumpy roads. And car chargers and a hands-free kit will give you complete independence - even when you go alone.

Magnetic car holders

Are you planning to traverse smooth highways, expressways and city highways? Choose a magnetic holder that will hold your phone securely - without any additional clamps. Its stability is based on the strength of the built-in magnets. The magnetic holder is available in two versions: self-adhesive on the dashboard or with a clamp on the air vent. Which type is right for you?

Gravity car holders

Are you going for a crazy ride through wilderness and bumps? Bet on proven car accessories - gravity car handles. The holder will be a great support for your phone. The perfectly matched arms will precisely hold the edges of the smartphone, and the silicone straps will ensure that the device will not get scratched. Importantly, the handle does not require difficult adjustments. Just put your device on it and the clamps will close automatically.

Car headrest holders

The best solution to boredom on the go? A headrest holder that will hold any mobile device, including a smartphone, tablet, e-book reader or Nintendo Switch console. Headrest holders are not only versatile, but also convenient. They have built-in 360-degree rotating jaws that will allow you to perfectly adjust the angle of the screen. They give tremendous convenience in using a mobile device. It will literally take you a moment to install the mount on the headrest. This mounting method ensures stability even on bumpy roads.

Car chargers and hands-free kit

If an integral part of your driving is having your phone in sight, ensure maximum safety by choosing car accessories. Bet on a car charger with fast charging standard and a speakerphone that attaches to the sun visor. These are gadgets that will allow for trouble-free access to a smartphone while driving a car and ensure constant access to electricity.