For those who choose maximum comfort

Under seat bicycle bags

Torby rowerowe pod siodełko Wozinsky - torba podsiodłowa WBB27BK -

Looking for a roomy and comfortable pannier for your two wheels? Wozinsky under seat bike bags combine both features. They will be a great choice for both beginners and experienced cyclists. They are light, practical and easy to mount. 

Under-saddle bike bags are a great way to store your belongings while cycling. They can hold all the essentials, such as cell phone, wallet, keys or a bottle. They come in several capacities: from 0.6 liters to as much as 12 liters. Thanks to the fact that the bike bags are fixed under the saddle, they do not interfere with the ride and, what is most important, they are stable on the bike.

Additionally panniers have reflective elements. So you can feel safe during night rides. Attaching an under seat bike bag is easy. Just mount it to the seatpost or directly under the saddle. Such mounting method provides maximum comfort of riding - well mounted panniers simply will not move sideways. Choose the perfect under seat bike bag for you. See what models we have prepared for you!

Models of Wozinsky bicycle under seat bags


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