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Frame bicycle bags

Torby rowerowe na ramę Wozinsky - torba na rower na ramę WBB25BK -

Frame bike bags are the most popular type of bike bags. Their main advantage is that they are very convenient to use. They are easy to put on and take off, and they are also easy to carry. They are ideal for people who want to go on long journeys by bike and rely on the comfort of the ride.

This is the most numerous type of bicycle bags in our offer. You can choose from different shapes, capacity and functionality of bicycle frame bags. Do you need phone holder or transparent window? Or maybe you need large 8 liters capacity, waterproof structure or detachable cover? Wozinsky bike frame bags are the answer to all your needs.

The bags have many amenities, such as double zippers, reflectors, strong Velcro straps and a phone case. In Wozinsky brand we also focused on such models of bags, which can be fixed in the axis of the bike, without hindering its driving. Mounting underneath the frame also ensures perfect visibility on the road -nothing will distract you from your route! Bike frame bags are a great choice for your daily commute or shopping. They will hold a lot of stuff inside: from phone, headphones, wallet, to cape, pump, sunglasses or bike lock.

Discover frame bike bags by Wozinsky. Everyone will find a model for themselves!

Models of Wozinsky bicycle frame bags


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