To make riding a scooter even more comfortable

Handlebar scooter bags

Torby na kierownicę hulajnogi Wozinsky - torba na hulajnogę WSB1BK -

Is your scooter your favourite means of transport? We have something for you - scooter bags by Wozinsky! This is a great solution for all scooter users who care about comfortable riding. This aesthetic and solidly made gadget is mounted on the handlebars.  

Wozinsky scooter bags are compatible with almost all unicycles on the market: Xiaomi, Motus, Fiat, Segway and other brands. They provide easy access to the transported items. They open with a zipper with two non-slip zippers. Durable, adjustable Velcro straps will hold the bag securely on the handlebar - even on bumpy sidewalks and paths in the city. You don't have to worry about the comfort of your ride or about losing the bag on the trail. 

You can pack many useful items into the bag: wallet, phone, keys to the apartment or even a small bottle of water. All the accessories will be safe at the same time. Wozinsky scooter bags are made of strong materials, resistant to water, dirt and dust. Additionally there are two limiters sewn inside which allow the bag to open only to a certain width.

Models of Wozinsky scooter handlebar bags


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