For those who like roomy bags

Trunk bicycle bags

Torby rowerowe na bagażnik Wozinsky - torba podwójna Wozinsky WBB34BK - torba wodoodporna na bagażnik -

Wozinsky trunk bike bags have the largest capacity of all the bike bags in the range. They have room for a lot of things! The largest bag from the Wozinsky pannier rack collection has a capacity of 60 liters. So you can take it on weekend or mountain trip. You can put clothes, bike accessories, tools for repairing your bike or provisions for a few days.

All Wozinsky trunk bike bags have an exceptionally robust construction that is scratch resistance. Moreover, the panniers are distinguished by their shape: some can be attached to the side of the carrier, others in the central part or doubled on both sides. Browse our offer carefully and choose the best model for you. Do you want more pockets, waterproof outer layer or maybe straps and handles for comfortable carrying?

When choosing a bike bag for your rack, pay attention to all its functionalities. And we have a lot of them in our collection. External pockets, braided elastic, a bottle holder with a drawstring, reflectors and durable buckles - this is just the beginning of the list. 

Models of Wozinsky bicycle trunk bags


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