About Wozinsky brand

The Wozinsky brand was founded in 2012. We started modestly - with tempered glasses, protective films and smartphone cases. From the very beginning, we have been concerned with the quality of our products. The reason is simple: with a case and glass, you protect not only the electronic equipment itself, but also important data or unique memories contained in photos or videos.

And this thought guided us during the plans to expand Wozinsky's offer. We focused on the best-selling Full Glue series, durable bicycle bags, wall and car chargers as well as capacious powerbanks.

Today we turned our attention not only to electronics, but also to sports. Gymnastic mats and balls, resistance rubbers, sports bags, but also the constantly expanding section of accessories for a bicycle or scooter - this is it!

To the urban jungle or to the forest, to work, home or the gym - you can take Wozinsky products with you wherever you want. Bicycle bags, phone cases, car holders and even sports gadgets will work great in any situation. Challenge us!


What is behind the Wozinsky brand?


The Wozinsky brand is the apple of our eye. That is why we make sure that all products representing it are made of really durable materials. We care about high resistance, among others to unfavorable weather conditions, the effects of falls. This is our absolute must-have! Wozinsky's offer includes, for example, EVA or Oxford bicycle bags.


We do not compromise on quality. We want to expand the Wozinsky offer only with products that meet our highest requirements. After all, they will be used again and again! That is why the tempered glass has a hardness of 9H, the resistance tapes are packed in separate bags, and the HDMI cables have a reinforced connection of the plugs with the cable.


When designing Wozinsky products, we focus on maximum usability. The grips are suitable for many types of handlebars, cases for various smartphone models, and bicycle bags for several mounting methods. Little? The offer also includes phone covers with a stand or ring, as well as cables of various lengths and connectors.

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