Sport accessories

Train comfortably in any season with Wozinsky equipment

Mata do ćwiczeń Wozinsky WNSP-BLAC - mata do jogi, mata do ćwiczeń antypoślizgowa -

Just like you, we love physical activity - that's why we are the strictest testers of our sports equipment. We know very well how important their quality and durability are. By choosing Wozinsky sports accessories, you can be sure that you focus on the safety and comfort of training. It is an indispensable, basic equipment for enthusiasts of the gym, fitness room or home training.

With the help of resistance bands, expanders, a gymnastic mat or a ball, you can work on different muscle groups - abdominal, legs, arms and back. Wozinsky sports accessories were created for amateurs and professionals, regardless of the level of advancement or type of discipline.

Take a look at the Wozinsky sports equipment offer and find something for yourself!

Armbands and running bags

Shoulder or hip bands are the perfect gadget for beginners and advanced runners. The Wozinsky brand relies on flexible and waterproof materials that are comfortable and lightweight to wear. So they will work well not only for running, but also for cycling or fitness exercises. Capacious pockets will fit a smartphone, keys or TWS headphones, among other things. Both the armband and the bag have elastic straps that adjust to the required width.

Tapes, bands, expanders

They will make training more pleasant and allow you to achieve the planned effects in an even shorter time. Material tapes, resistance bands and expanders have been created for those who train crossfit, fitness, yoga, pilates ... people like you! Grab the accessories in your hands and start training. They will help you sculpt the muscles of your thighs, buttocks, stomach and arms. Just 20 minutes a day!

Gym accessories

Discover the basic sports accessories for every sports lover. A gym ball will help you build strength and strengthen your muscles - regardless of your level of endurance and training. The gym mat will be used both at the gym and at home. It is an ideal solution for fitness, crossfit, rehabilitation, stretching, yoga and pilates training. 

Piłka gimnastyczna Wozinsky 65 cm do ćwiczeń i rehabilitacji -

Gym ball 65 cm

Colors: pink, blue, purple, silver

Mata gimnastyczna do ćwiczeń Wozinsky WNSP-BLAC - mata gimnastyczna do ćwiczeń, mata do jogi, mata do treningów 181 cm, czarna mata -

Gymnastic mat

Colors: blue, purple, orange, black, green, pink, light pink

Sports bag

This classic training bag will be a great choice for the gym. It has a sporty look and is as functional as possible. It has a separate pocket for shoes, comfortable straps to carry, and most importantly - with one move you can turn it into a comfortable backpack! All straps can be freely adjusted to adapt them to your needs. The zippers have strong, rubber grips that are easy to grab.