Accessories for smartphones and smartwatches

Bet on the security and appearance of your smartphone and smartwatch

Etui Wozinsky Kickstand Case do iPhone 12 - etui do iPhone 12, etui na iPhone 12, zielone etui na telefon -

Today, almost all of us have a smartphone in our pocket or a smartwatch on our wrist. No wonder - mobile devices are not only a way to stay in touch with loved ones, but also a source of information about the world, the richest photo and video album and useful navigation. That's why the right accessories for smartphones and smartwatches are so important, if only in the form of a protective glass or case.

Wozinsky smartphone and smartwatch accessories take care not only of the safety of your equipment, but also its appearance. The tempered glass is crystal clear, so the display can present really rich colors. The case - available in many interesting series - effectively protects the phone against the effects of falls.

Want to match your smartphone or smartwatch with the accessories you need, such as USB cables or a mains charger? No problem. We at Wozinsky are here to help!

Tempered glass and films for smartphone, tablet and smartwatch

Keeping a smartphone in your purse and your hand with a smartwatch in your pocket often ends up with scratches or unsightly marks on the display. That's why tempered glass or protective film is an absolute must-have for every phone and watch owner. They will effectively protect the screen from damage caused, for example, by keys, glasses or metal clutches. Wozinsky smartphone accessories, such as glasses and films, are distinguished not only by their quality, but also by their proper fit. Be sure to check them out!

Phone Case

This gadget will provide the best protection for your smartphone case. Will you choose a minimalist case that will cover the back of the phone? Or maybe more functional, e.g. magnetic with built-in glass or a useful stand? The Wozinsky phone case will effectively protect your smartphone against cracks and damages, and will also change its appearance. Choose your new phone case and enjoy effective protection of your smartphone!

USB, Lightning, USB Type C cables

Wozinsky multifunction cables are perfect for home, work and even travel. They are great accessories for smartphones. Wozinsky cables have four most popular connectors: USB, USB Type C, micro USB and Lightning. Are you looking for a cable that supports the Power Delivery fast charging standard? Or are you looking for something a bit more advanced, like a 3-in-1 cable or a magnetic cable with replaceable tips? Bet on Wozinsky!

Wall chargers

When choosing accessories for your smartphone, do not forget about a wall charger with a USB port. In the Wozinsky brand, we focus on the quality of workmanship - with the health of your phone's battery in mind. Each charger works with the fast charging standard (Power Delivery or Quick Charge 3.0) and has appropriate security features. And if you want to charge more than one device at the same time, choose a charger with three USB ports.