Lifestyle accessories

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Akcesoria lifestylowe Wozinsky - powerbank, selfie stick -

Do you like clever patents hidden in various gadgets? There is something special waiting for you in Wozinsky's offer - telescopic selfie stick, handy powerbank with a capacity of 30,000 mAh and metal cubes for cooling drinks. These lifestyle accessories are distinguished by functionality and quality of workmanship. Discover the possibilities they hide! You can take them with you on a trip to the other side of the world or simply enjoy them at home. All of Wozinsky's gadgets are compact and extremely useful.

Electronic gadgets

Something for lovers of mobile photography. If you take a lot of photos with your phone and want to be prepared for every possibility, choose two of the most lifestyle accessories: selfie stick and powerbank. With the help of the selfie stick with the included Bluetooth remote control, you can take perfect photos yourself. The "stick" instantly changes into a handy and small tripod. The powerbank will allow you to use the phone's camera multiple times ... and even on four! It has as many as 4 USB ports. The LCD will let you know when charging is complete.

Home gadgets

At Wozinsky, we not only love electronics. We also love smart solutions and lifestyle accessories! Metal cubes will keep your drinks and beverages cool for a long time. Unlike traditional ice cubes, you can use them multiple times. They are neutral to taste, color and texture - they do not dissolve, so you can fully enjoy your drink. In the set with 8 dice you will find a handy pliers.