For bicycle and scooter enthusiasts

Multifunctional bags for a bicycle and a scooter

Torby wielofunkcyjne na rower Wozinsky - torba na kierownicę hulajnogi WBB29BK -

More than one way to attach is... Wozinsky! Multifunctional bags for bicycle or scooter can be fixed on handlebars, frame or under the saddle. Strong, adjustable Velcro straps and extensive strap system will ensure that the pannier is well stabilized on almost every type of frame.

Wozinsky multifunctional bags for bicycle or scooter are designed to carry a bottle or bottle of up to 1 liter. Thanks to them transporting the bottle is incredibly easy. Additional element hidden inside the pannier is a thermal layer which will keep the temperature of your drink both in summer and winter. Regardless of the weather.

However, bottles and water bottles are not the only purpose of multifunctional bags. In panniers you can fit for example energy bars, tissues or headphones. Elastic side pocket will hold phone, wallet or tools for bike maintenance. You can also attach keys on carabiner to each strap. In this model of panniers you will transport your stuff safely and steadily, without worrying about getting dirty or wet. Choose a multifunctional Wozinsky bag and enjoy the convenience!

Models of Wozinsky multifunctional bags for bicycle or scooter


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