Torba sportowa plecak bagaż podręczny Wozinsky WSB-B01 - torba 40x20x25-cm do samolotu

Are you going away for a long weekend? Bet on travel accessories!

May and June are just around the corner - it's high time to plan your spring and summer travels. How to prepare for them? We have gathered some practical tips for your travel accessories for you. #GoWozinsky!

There are many single days in spring and summer that you can easily change into an extended weekend. It is enough to take one day off to guarantee yourself a few days' rest. Are you preparing a shorter or longer trip, e.g. for a picnic? Prepare suitable travel accessories in advance.

Planning a trip largely depends on the mode of transport. What travel gadgets should you take with you on a plane or car? See what we have prepared for you.

The best travel accessories: airplane hand luggage bag

This is a unique travel gadget in the Wozinsky brand. Wozinsky bag WSB-B01 has optimal dimensions of 40x20x25 cm, which will allow you to take it on board of most airlines (including RyanAir, EasyJet, WizzAir) - without any problems and unnecessary surcharge. Importantly, the bag has wide stripes sewn in, which are hidden in one of the pockets. So if you prefer to carry your things more comfortably, the bag will turn into a comfortable backpack in just a few moments!

The Wozinsky airplane bag 40x20x25 cm will also work well during weekend trips. It is extremely roomy thanks to additional pockets and straps. In addition to the main compartment, it has three side pockets: large, small and specially designed for shoes. This design will make it easier for you to distribute things in the bag for quick and easy access. In addition, the travel bag for the Wozinsky plane is made of a durable, waterproof material that guarantees long use. Solid straps made of polypropylene webbing allow you to carry the bag both in your hand and hang it on your shoulder.

Torba podróżna plecak 2w1 Wozinsky WSB-B01 - torba na samolot, torba 40x25x20 cm -
Travel bag - backpack Wozinsky WSB-B01

Travel accessories for photography lovers? Powerbank and selfie stick

Your journeys are usually the same - you throw yourself into exploring and photographing new places until your phone's battery is depleted? Do not forget to take handy gadgets that will help in such a crisis situation: a powerbank and a selfie stick, two Wozinsky travel accessories made for lovers of holiday photography.

Wozinsky Powerbank has a capacity of up to 30,000 mAh. So you will not be left without a phone during a several-day music festival or camping trip. According to the manufacturer, a fully charged Wozinsky power bank will power the iPhone 13 approx. 6 times, iPhone 12 approx. 7 times, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro approx. 4 times, Samsung S22 approx. 5 times, Samsung S20 FE approx. 4 times . The device has been equipped with 7 ports: Lightning, micro USB and Type C, which are used to charge the accessory, and 4 USB ports to restore energy in your mobile devices. This means that you can simultaneously charge your phone, camera battery, TWS earphones or Bluetooth speaker.

It will certainly be another useful gadget for fans of mobile photography - Wozinsky selfie stick. This small device will allow you to take a good selfie from different perspectives. You can hold them in your hand like a telescopic pole or put them on a curb - it also has a tripod function. You can control the selfie stick with a small Bluetooth remote control. It is compatible with phones with a width of 60 to 95 mm.

Powerbank i selfie stick Wozinsky -
Wozinsky powerbank and selfie stick

Are you taking your phone on a trip? Take care of its safety

During foreign trips our attention is drawn to new places, monuments and tourist attractions. If we want to take a picture quickly, we take the phone out of our pocket, bag or backpack, take a picture and put it back. How to make sure that the display and the phone casing are not scratched during such maneuvers? Add the appropriate tempered glass and phone case to your travel accessories series.

Tempered glass protects your smartphone against falls and serious scratches. Also, do not forget about a tempered glass for camera lenses or a suitable one with raised edges. This way you will protect the lenses from mechanical damage. From the Wozinsky phone case the one that will pass the test is Ring Armor. It is an armored case with a ring grip that will allow you to hold the phone comfortably in your hand.

Travel accessories in the car.

Are you going on vacation by car? Choose four basic travel accessories that will be used not only by the driver, but also by all passengers:

  • car holder. In the Wozinsky brand you will find magnetic and gravity holdersthat will hold your phone firmly on any road;
  • Car charger. Thanks to it, the battery in your phone will always be charged;
  • 3 in 1 cable with USB connectors - USB Type C / micro USB / Lightning. Such a set will allow you to power almost any small electronic device, e.g. TWS headphones, car navigation or a tobacco heater;
  • Hadsfree sunvisor set. It is a safe solution for those who want to drive cars and talk on the phone at the same time.
Kabel 3w1 Wozinsky z wtyczkami USB Typ C, micro USB, Lightning -
Wozinsky 3in1 cable with Lightning, micro USB, USB Type C connectors

On a cycling holiday

Are you going on a two-wheeler on your dream vacation? Or are you dreaming of a weekend trip to Amsterdam, where you plan to admire the city by cycling? We have something special for you. In the Wozinsky brand you will find two backpacks-bicycle bags: model WBB33BK with a capacity of 40 liters and model WBB30BK with a capacity of 30 liters. You can attach them to the bike rack or put them on your back like a backpack and… go on a great sightseeing tour!

Have a good trip!

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