resistance bands, wozinsky resistance bands, fitness

Are you getting in shape for the summer? Choose resistance bands - you will make it in time!

Resistance bands, although inconspicuous, can really do a lot. They will help you get a "beach body" before the holidays, improve your condition, and even be useful in rehabilitation ... And that's just the beginning!

Warming up and making the right effort - you can use resistance bands at every stage of your training. A little imagination is enough to sculpt e.g. abdominal muscles with resistance tapes. Importantly, the presence of a trainer is not always necessary. Most of the exercises with resistance bands can be done in the privacy of your home or in the open air, for example in a city park.

You can easily adjust the resistance bands to your skills. Each of them has a different resistance, adequate to the condition and the exercise being performed. You can easily distinguish them thanks to the colors of the finish (see the values below).

Are resistance bands a solution for everyone? We check!

Wozinsky resistance bands are suitable for warming up, strength and strengthening exercises, as well as for rehabilitation.Their small size allows you to comfortably train at home, as well as outdoors - they fit into any bag, do not require assembly. They are designed for people who want to strengthen large parts of muscles and core muscles. Training with them is not difficult, and allows you to get muscle tone that brings the desired results.

You need solid motivation to get started - without it, you won't be able to move on, and the first hour of training will probably be one of the last. Second of all: equipment. You can buy solid resistance tapes from Wozinsky's offer for less than PLN 50. Such a small expense can turn out to be a great investment for a beautiful silhouette, and above all: health.

How to choose resistance bands for exercise? Fabric bands are one of the options.

Although resistance bands for training (so-called mini bands) may look inconspicuous due to their nice texture and eye-pleasing colors, don't be fooled. It is a real sports equipment that is used by both professionals and amateurs of training.

The colors, of course, have an aesthetic value, but also a practical one - thanks to them you can distinguish the resistance of individual bands. In the most popular set Wozinsky material bands (model WFB-01) you will find:

  • pink - with a resistance of 8-14.5 kg
  • gray - with a resistance of 13.5-22.5 kg
  • black - with a resistance of 20.5-31.5 kg
resistance bands, wozinsky resistance bands, fitness
Wozinsky resistance bands (model WFB-01)

Durable and multifunctional fabric bands have proven to be a hit at home and professional gyms. In the Wozinsky brand you will also find other finishing materials.

Plastic resistance bands

Wozinsky plastic resistance bands (model WRBS5-01) offer the possibility of training with the following resistance:

  • yellow - with a resistance of 1.3-2.7 kg
  • red - with a resistance of 4.5-5.5 kg
  • blue - with a resistance of 6.8-9 kg
resistance bands, wozinsky resistance bands, fitness
Wozinsky resistance bands (model WRBS5-01)

Not all models of this accessory come in the form of a loop. The Wozinsky brand also proposes a bit of effort with participation of resistance bands with handles covered with Wozinsky neoprene foam (model WRTS5-01), that increase the comfort of exercise. The two ankle straps especially take care of the lower muscles. This set is a bit more extensive, as it includes as many as five different accessories:

  • yellow - with a resistance of 4.5 kg
  • green - with a resistance of 6.7 kg
  • red - with a resistance of 9.1 kg
  • blue - with a resistance of 11.4 kg
  • black - with a resistance of 13.7 kg
resistance bands, wozinsky resistance bands, fitness
Wozinsky resistance bands (model WRTS5-01)

Although bands vary, the range of benefits they offer is similar and quite wide. The most important advantages include:

  • versatility - Wozinsky resistance bands engage any muscle group. You can perform the training in any circumstances, for example by using the door handle. You are not limited by the possibilities of the equipment.
  • variety - relaxing stretching today, sweating tomorrow. The type of training is entirely up to you.
  • convenience - the bands are light and small. You can put them in a sports bag and an elegant handbag. You train almost anywhere and anytime.
  • availability - low price means that you can buy Wozinsky resistance bands without straining your home budget.

What does the Wozinsky brand propose? Resistance bands for better condition

We have already mentioned the basic advantages for which the world of sport values resistance bands for exercise. Time for what's most important - how to use it. The accessory can also be used by less experienced people. The bands work in such a way that the body becomes the main engine of training.

You can choose from many types of resistance bands. Start with the one with the lowest resistance and watch your body react. The best one is one that you can stretch, but feel a bit of resistance.

Do not rush! Starting from the highest level, you will only get soreness and lose the desire to continue working. In extreme cases, it can even lead to an injury.

resistance bands, wozinsky resistance bands, fitness
Wozinsky resistance bands (model WRBS5-01)

First steps with a resistance band - what and how?

For extra comfort, train on a fitness mat, e.g. WNSP-BLAC from the Wozinsky brand. With this form of support, you can confidently train on your back or belly. Always start with a slight warm-up - start by circling your hands or jogging for a few minutes.

Here are the most popular exercises you can do with Wozinsky resistance bands at home:

  • monster walk - a "band classic". Put on the resistance bands at the ankles (or for those who like challenges - slightly above the knees), set your feet shoulder-width apart, straighten your back, tense your muscles, stand in a light squat. Alternately, without loosening the tape, alternate the extension step.
  • sideways leg elevation - put the band over your ankles, straighten your legs while tightening your muscles. Slowly raise your leg.
  • lifting the leg to the side - stand up straight, put the band under your feet and grasp it in your left hand. Transfer your weight to your left leg and move your right leg to the side just above the ground to tighten the band. Without changing your posture, lift your left leg up. Finally, lower it (but do not touch the ground!) And lift it up again.
  • lifting the arms to the side and sticking out the chest – put the bands on the wrists, try to keep the palms apart, keeping the muscles in the chest tense.
  • lifting the leg forward – it is enough to use, for example, a handle for training. Hook the selected tape on it and wrap the other end around the ankle. Finally, try to lift your leg against the resistance of the strap. Inconspicuous rubber turns out to be a really worthy opponent!
Wozinsky resistance bands (model WFB-01)

Other Wozinsky sports accessories

Resistance bands can be described without any doubts as truly universal sports equipment. They will definitely work both for sculpting the figure and for stretching. When used under the watchful eye of a professional, they can help you recover from injuries. They are a good solution regardless of the circumstances: both in a professional gym and in a home salon. Without a doubt, it all sounds impressive, but even the greatest hero needs a companion.

The best supplement to training with tapes are, e.g. these Wozinsky sports accessories:

  • exercise mat - available in many colors, light and solid. It will become the best support for your back while exercising on the floor.
  • rehabilitation balls - undoubtedly perfect not only for exercise, but also as an alternative to the seat. With them, you improve your condition even while working
  • Sports bag - you can fit everything you need for training in it. You can store your footwear and clothes separately, and if necessary, you can easily transform it into a convenient backpack.
Wozinsky travel sports bag
Wozinsky sports backpack (model WSB-B01)

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