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5 reasons to choose a Wozinsky bicycle bag

You think: bicycle bags, you say: only capacity matters? Let us surprise you! Find out about 5 reasons why you should choose the Wozinsky brand and the Wozinsky Bicycle collection. We promise you will surprise yourself more than once.

Many cyclists take into account the capacity and fastening system when choosing their bicycle bags. And theoretically, it could be enough if it were not for the cycling challenges - riding on urban routes will require different features from bags than trips on mountain trails. That's why Wozinsky bicycle bags come in so many sizes, shapes, materials. Check what makes them stand out!

Wozinsky bicycle bags meet your needs

This is a unique feature of Wozinsky bags - you can not only mount them, but also carry them in several ways. Let's start with the method of assembly.

In the Wozinsky brand you will find bicycle bags for the trunk, handlebar bags, saddle bicycle bags and frame bicycle bags. Each of them has a special mount adapted to the place of installation: buckles, straps, Velcro and fasteners. The bags will therefore stay stable and secure, they will not slip off while driving - even the extreme one.

Wozinsky bicycle bags are also distinguished by their mobility. Many of them have handles for comfortable carrying, and three models turn into comfortable backpacks! This is a unique solution - designed for those cyclists for whom the bicycle is a means of transport around the city or to work. What is important, bags-backpacks have been designed so that the buckles and fasteners are hidden behind the layer of material. Therefore, they will not pinch when carried on the back.

Torba rowerowa Wozinsky z klamrami - Wozinsky.com
Wozinsky WBB31BK bike carrier bag with buckles

Exceptional durability

Strong materials and a great finish - this is a common feature for all Wozinsky bags. Materials such as polyester, Oxford fabric or EVA were used in their production. They will provide solid protection for your belongings. Wozinsky bicycle bags will not tear or scratch. You can go ahead and set off on forest paths and mountain trails! You can also be sure that you will not spend more money on new accessories for a long time.

Among all the Wozinsky bags, it is worth paying attention to WBB31BK TPU bag. This is a typical bicycle courier bag - has a seamless construction, water resistant zipper and wrap closure. So the bag will not allow water or dirt to get inside.

Torba rowerowa Wozinsky WBB24BK z bidonem - torba rowerowa na zimę, torba rowerowa kurierska - Wozinsky.com
The WBB24BK bike trunk bag has a capacity of 25 liters

Variety of Wozinsky bicycle bags

By choosing the Wozinsky brand, you can be sure that you will find the right bag for your needs. Are you interested in a small handlebar bag that will fit only the most necessary "accessories" along with the phone? The smallest model has a capacity of 0.9 liters and a smartphone window. Are you interested in a large bicycle trunk bag that you can take even on a weekend trip? Our largest model can hold up to 60 liters, and also has a special rain cover.

Backpacks with a bag function are also distinguished by their capacity. For example 30 liter bag WBB30BK has dimensions that allow you to take it with you on the plane. Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Strasbourg or Oslo to explore the city by bike? Wozinsky is a great choice!

Wozinsky WBB30BK bicycle backpack bag for the trunk

Multifunctionality of Wozinsky bicycle bags

The variety of Wozinsky bags can turn your head. Do you need a bicycle bag for a smartphone? No problem! You can choose between a handlebar bag or a smartphone hard bag for the bicycle frame. Are you looking for a bag that will provide you with full water resistance even in difficult weather conditions? Choose a model with a rain cover, made of EVA or Oxford material. In our offer you will find waterproof bicycle bags in large and small capacities. Or are you interested in a thermal bicycle bag? Take a look at the category "Multifunctional bags" - we have bags with a special thermal insert that will maintain the temperature of your drink regardless of the weather.

Stylish bicycle bags

Wozinsky bicycle bags are also a treat for lovers of style. The vast majority are available in classic black, but two models also come in yellow and red. Let's add reflectives, a place to plug in headphones or mount a rear lamp, a phone window ... And you have a full picture of the Wozinsky bicycle collection!

WBB31YE trunk bag-backpack in yellow - Wozinsky.com
Bicycle bag WBB31YE for the trunk, which you can also hang on the back

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